Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Assophon 005 LP Simon Henneman- Black Magic and Moustache

Seattle-based Simon Henneman's first solo vinyl release is here. Mr. Henneman has worn many hats in the musical vortex of the Seattle sub-underground, most "famously" as one of the Diminished Men, who released an LP on the Sun City Girls Abduction label in 2009. That LP gave the lucky few who procured a copy an idea of the talents of that great band. Here, Mr. Henneman strikes out on his own and creates a solo journey of a much more intimate palette. Playing every instrument on the record (guitars, bass, saxophones, clarinet, percussion, keys), Mr. Henneman evokes a mood and mystery unmatched. From the ethno jazz/noir played in a Turkish harem vibe to the soundtrack for flipping through a Raymond Carver novella illustrated by Raymond Pettibon, this LP slithers into the subconscious and throws you against a back alley wall to seduce you into making a real bad decision seem OK! Limited edition of 300 copies only.

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$18 (USA)
$28  (North America)
$33  (rest of the world)

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dwemmy said...

Are there still copies available. I'm the music editor at an A&E weekly in NH/VT region and Eric at FE sent me a copy. Just wanted to check that I don't mention/review something pressed in micro-quantities that's no longer available. Great LP...worth the 5 year wait.


dwemmy said...

btw, love the intentional (or not) homemade feel to the cover, whilst inside is like an old ESP" disk, or when Moses Asch of Folkways dug a certain jazz artist because he wounded nothing like the boys at Blue Note, Atlantic or God Forbid! Columbia. :>)